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Comment 21 Apr 2022

I had a coworker who was on a RumChata kick some years ago, and when she was trying to get everyone on the team to try it at dinner one night, that was the selling point: "It tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk!" and you know, she wasn't entirely wrong.

Edit... in doing some further research, that may have been a shot that had Fireball in it? It was a while back, and pretty much the only time I've ever had either RumChata or Fireball, so YMMV.

Comment 25 Mar 2022

That's a fair question with regard to wrestling, and I think you could draw some parallels to the basketball situation in terms of things like injuries, untimely transfers or other unplanned exits, the COVID disruption and so on, while also making the argument that recruiting looks fantastic so the future is bright with regard to incoming talent. The two most obvious differences are that Tom Ryan has conference and national titles to his credit that Chris Holtmann does not, ergo he gets a much larger benefit of the doubt before he'd be even in the same room as the proverbial hot seat, which is only reasonable.

Re: women's hockey, there are 108 total NCAA teams, 36 of which are in Division 1 (competing in four conferences). Here's this year's tournament bracket if you're curious as to how the tournament works.

The way the men's basketball postseason tournament works is part of the reason I think you judge a coach by a bigger picture of conference regular season titles, conference tournament titles, NCAA tournament appearances, and then trips to the Sweet 16 or better. It's why some people can reasonably argue that Thad Matta > Fred Taylor in the hierarchy of OSU coaches even though Taylor has the trump card of a national title in his back pocket.

Comment 25 Mar 2022

Is the goal final 4 or national titles?  I mean do we quote how many times the football team made the playoffs or championship game, or how many times we've won the title?  We have 1 national title in basketball.  There are 15 programs with 2 or more and a bunch of programs that have 1. 

This is always an interesting discussion. What is the goal and what is realistic in basketball... and then when you look at how it's all changing given the portal and NIL and such, it really gets wild to pick apart what expectations should look like re: getting to the last weekend of the tournament. 

Comment 24 Mar 2022

At the minimum those schools have been better than OSU.  Again, OSU is currently not a top 10 program.  You are pulling up these historical numbers and it sounds like Michigan fans still saying they are a top 10 program in CFB right now when they clearly aren't 

Well this is a bit of circular logic, isn't it? Wasn't the whole point of the thread that Ohio State should be making regular appearances in the Sweet 16 or better? The point I'm making is that for everyone dismissing that talk because Ohio State "isn't a blue blood" is that A.) Bullshit, and B.) Michigan just made its fifth Sweet 16 in a row so don't tell me Ohio State can't do it.

Comment 24 Mar 2022

Top Ten? That is mighty lofty. That is in the same team photo as the Kansas', Duke, Kentucky, UNC of the world. I think part of the issue with OSU basketball is that the fans think it is something that it isn't. We're Illinois with a better marketing department. Ohio State is not a top ten basketball program.

I agree with your comment about expectations and sports depression, fwiw, but I disagree about where Ohio State fans should or shouldn't think Ohio State belongs in the NCAA MBB hegemony. Ohio State is No. 30 in history in terms of total wins at something like 1,732, ahead of schools like Gonzaga and Georgetown, but yes, 100 wins or so behind an Illinois.

On the other hand, as I noted below, the program has twice as many Final Four appearances as Illinois, and more than only five other programs in the sport (UNC, UCLA, UK, Duke and Kansas). Yes, Ohio State has more Final Four appearances than Indiana, Michigan, UConn, Florida, Georgetown, Villanova, Arizona and a boatload of other schools.

So what do we take away from this? That there is zero reason why Ohio State fans and alumni shouldn't passionately believe their team capable of making it past the first weekend of the Tournament. It's not crazy talk to think that the program belongs in the upper echelon of the sport given the school's size, budget, brand, alumni base, facilities, resources, etc., etc.

Comment 24 Mar 2022

Ironically those exact teams you named are the ONLY programs (along with UCLA) that have more Final Fours than OSU

For anyone unaware:

Total Final Four Appearances by School

  1. North Carolina 20
  2. UCLA 18
  3. Kentucky 17 
  4. Duke 16
  5. Kansas 15
  6. Ohio State & Michigan State 10
  7. Indiana & Louisville 8
  8. Michigan, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Houston, Oklahoma State, Syracuse 6
  9. UConn, Florida, Georgetown, Illinois, Oklahoma, Villanova 5
  10. Arizona, Kansas State, LSU, UNLV, Utah, Wisconsin 4
Comment 24 Mar 2022

Any post like this that does not include a specific and realistic plan for hiring an obviously superior replacement head coach is basically just a temper tantrum.

Spoiler alert: this is a college sports message board. Not sure why anyone would be expecting a Marshall Plan for getting to the Final Four.

Comment 25 Feb 2022

The TV marketplace is so weird right now. I've got access to all of these network streaming services (Peacock as an example) because of my traditional cable subscription... plus we have Netflix, Hulu and the Disney bundle (yes, we spend an obscene amount of money on television and I hate it but have to keep everyone in the household happy).

...but if all of a sudden you have to pay a la carte for Peacock to watch Ohio State vs. Rutgers, and you have a subscription to ESPN+ for some and BTN+ for some, and CBS/Paramount+, etc., then all of a sudden you're back to paying what you were paying for cable to start with, right? So the end result is the same – or more likely you're still paying more than you were before because you also have Netflix and Disney+ or whatever your particular bent is.